Grand Forks Dog Park

Ask me anything   Submit   Welcome to the Grand Forks ND Dog Park photo blog! A local photographer hobbyist spends a lot of her time at the dog park taking pictures of the dogs as they run and play. People have asked if there is anywhere where they can see the pictures, so I've made this blog where you all can get photos of your dogs!

You can find more infomation about the photographer at her website:

Tips loved, but never expected. I love taking pictures of dogs!
Feel free to tip and help the photographer spend more time getting gear and taking pictures!

Anonymous asked: You should take advantage of the queue feature.


This place is mostly a gallery, not a blog. It’s just the easiest place to upload too and share with everyone. So I want to get the pictures up from the park same-day as a I take them. Most people at the local dog park like to check that evening for photos of their dogs when they talk to me at the park. That’s why I think it’s important to get them up the same day if I can manage it! c:

If flooding dog pictures is a problem, please just unfollow the blog! I will always be posting them in big random spammy bursts like that. Sorry!

— 3 months ago